Considered one of the greatest names in Brazilian literature, Clarice Lispector debuted with the award-winning novel Near to the Wild Heart (1943), deserving passionate attention from critics, given the singularity of her writing. Besides being a novelist, author of the acclaimed The Passion According to G.H. (1964) and The Hour of the Star (1977), she established herself as a short story author thanks to titles such as Family Ties (1960) and The Foreign Legion (1964). Her oeuvre also includes children’s books and a vast number of chronicles. Her work today is widely translated and disseminated, with critics placing her works among internationally recognized authors such as Virginia Woolf, Kafka and Katherine Mansfield.

This chronology is based on the text “A descoberta do mundo”, written by Nádia Gotlib for the series Cadernos de Literatura Brasileira, published by the Moreira Salles Institute in 2004.