Considered one of the greatest names in Brazilian literature, Clarice Lispector debuted with the award-winning novel Near to the Wild Heart (1943), deserving passionate attention from critics, given the singularity of her writing. Besides being a novelist, author of the acclaimed The Passion According to G.H. (1964) and The Hour of the Star (1977), she established herself as a short story author thanks to titles such as Family Ties (1960) and The Foreign Legion (1964). Her oeuvre also includes children’s books and a vast number of chronicles. Her work today is widely translated and disseminated, with critics placing her works among internationally recognized authors such as Virginia Woolf, Kafka and Katherine Mansfield.


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*Unless otherwise indicated, all quotes from Clarice Lispector’s works published in English were obtained from the following translations. Quotes from non-published works (e.g. novels, short stories, chronicles, correspondence, interviews, etc.) were translated by Marco Alexandre de Oliveira, Sean McIntyre, and Marcello Sorrentino. Novels: Near to the Wild Heart – Translated by Giovanni Pontiero in 1990 and Alison Entrekin in 2012; The Chandelier – Translated by Benjamin Moser and Magdalena Edwards; The Besieged City – Translated by Johnny Lorenz; The Apple in the Dark – Translated by Gregory RabaThe Passion According to G.H. – Translated by Idra Novey; The Apple in the Dark – Translated by Gregory Raba; The Passion According to G.H. – Translated by Idra Novey; An Apprenticeship, or, The Book of Delights – Translated by Richard A. Mazzara and Lorri A. Parris; An Apprenticeship, or The Book of Pleasures – Translated by Stefan Tobler; Água Viva – Translated Stefan Tobler (Translated in 1978 by Elizabeth Lowe and Earl Fitz as The Stream of Life); The Hour of the Star – Translated by Benjamin Moser; A Breath of Life – Translated by Johnny Lorenz. Short story collections: Family Ties – Translated by Giovanni Pontiero; The Foreign Legion – Translated by Giovanni Pontiero; The Complete Stories  – Translated by Katrina Dodson. Children’s literature: The Woman Who Killed the Fish – Translated by Benjamin Moser. Chronicles: Discovering the World – Translated by Giovanni Pontiero; Selected Crônicas – Translated by Giovanni Pontiero.