12 TQI

TimeStamp:2020/07/07 10:51:12.000, Protocol:smb, Destination:

1) 5 days – at the most
when I found out it wasn’t due to illness, it was travel I again asked– because otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to go. 
2) [Vania], in Washington, asked if the plans suited me. 
3) Flowers – I didn’t send any because I was there as her secretary. “But I’ll send chocolate to the child” I sent it [ILLEGIBLE] – – – – –
4) Drink in the room – do you want ice? No, you don’t want [denise] and I to get drunk?
5) In Paris, the bills she – someone is [tricking] [ILLEGIBLE] someone. Return her, pay me at night, you have to suck up the 4 cents.6) Return – saying she didn’t decide – saying to the man another week maybe I ask let me know telegraph child, why don’t you stay [more]? Well, until Wednesday, because I have a [ILLEGIBLE] on Thursday – didn’t ask me – never asking me if [ILLEGIBLE], never referring to the fact that to me and to everybody just 5 days, the maxim. be 3 days [ILLEGIBLE] 2 days in Paris.