From: Clarice Lispector
To: Tania Kaufmann

Bern, October 22, 1948

My little flower,

I received your letter from the 15th and at the same time one from Bluma that tells me about the dinner and says that you “were very beautiful.” So I miss you more. Honey, is your hair short? Send a picture of this look. My hair is really long, I’m planning to cut and curl it although I don’t know if it suits me. But I’m already tired of my hesitations, which have brought me a lot of irritation. I always have to remember that everything I achieved in life was at the expense of daring, however small. When we fall into this atmosphere of indecision, we feel lost. I decided to change the nurse (who is the biggest bore in the world, and jealous on top of that); the resolution came after days of mental torture and I finally decided to take a chance and ask the Nurses Alliance for another one. Because if I had hesitated a few more hours I would have missed a great one that serves at the home of my Argentinian friend (she is going to Sweden, sadly for me, because she was my friend here). The new nurse comes in November and is perfect and has a great temperament. I also want to tell you about my other hesitations, perhaps somehow you’ll benefit.

– Darling, I haven’t had a picture of you in a while! Why don’t you take some? Yesterday a visiting Brazilian took color photographs of Pedrinho with us – I am eager to know if they are the ones that can be copied or are printed on plates (in this case they cannot be sent). The photos I send here to you (I sent the same ones to Elisa, but I’m thinking that there is a different one, check it) are from less than a month ago, because the 10th was not a very bright day.

Darling, I ask you the great favor of not bothering to tell me that you do not like my book. I am not satisfied with it myself, although I felt the need to write it – I only like certain parts, which unfortunately does not excuse the whole book. Then pass the book on to Lucio. In the birth announcement I gave a word about him, so the warning was more or less given. – Send me pictures of Marcia. And tell me about the possibility of your coming to visit us here – did you receive my letter on the subject? A kiss for you, dear, and be happy, peaceful, and healthy.

Yours, Clarice