Clarice Lispector’s New Website Receives an Award

IMS, Equipe. Clarice Lispector’s New Website Receives an Award. IMS Clarice Lispector, 2022. Disponível em: Acesso em: 15 June 2024.

Last December, Clarice Lispector’s new website, launched on the author’s centenary, on December 10, 2020, earned second place in the Best Digital Design category of the Brasil Design Award.

The award has been given since 2009 and is organized by the Brazilian Association of Design Companies with the aim of recognizing and highlighting the creative and innovative capacity of Brazilian design. It is currently the biggest national design award, in which the main creative companies of the country participate.

Clarice Lispector’s official website was developed by Estúdio Cru in partnership with the Literature Coordinator of the Moreira Salles Institute (IMS), which holds an important part of the writer’s collection. The agency’s directors, Bernardo Winitskowski and Maria Alice Leal, explain the proposal:

“The idea was to create an immersive experience that conveyed the principles of the author’s work: visceral, poetic, and labyrinthine. This experience, which we call a narrative, is a non-linear way of navigating the timeline. The starting point was a process of profound research and investigation. Together with the IMS literature team, we developed a narrative, selecting the main visual and thematic elements that would be capable of creating the desired effect on the user.”

The Estúdio Cru team that participated in the creation of Clarice Lispector’s new website was composed of designers Felipe Barbosa and Fernanda Morgan, developers Pedro Rivera and Raincake (led by Heric Reis and Letícia Yokoi), producers Maria Alice Leal and Alexandre Caetano, and project manager Gérome Ibri. The curatorship, research, and content were under the responsibility of Eucanaã Ferraz, Bruno Cosentino, and Elizama Almeida, from the Moreira Salles Institute.