“Clarice’s Hour” at the IMS Paulista

, “Clarice’s Hour” at the IMS Paulista. IMS Clarice Lispector, 2017. Disponível em: https://site.claricelispector.ims.com.br/en/2017/12/15/hora-de-clarice-no-ims-paulista/. Acesso em: 23 April 2024.

In this edition of “Clarice’s Hour,” the IMS Paulista hosted a conversation with Idra Novey, mediated by the poet and editor Alberto Martins. Novey spoke about the experience of translating The Passion According to G.H. to English and about her new novel published in Brazil, Ways to Disappear (2017), which is marked by the mysterious disappearance of a writer who may or may not be Clarice Lispector.   

Above is a passage in Portuguese and in English from The Passion According to G.H. that moved the public. Below is the video of the meeting.