• 11/10/2018

Clarice is the topic of a book at Oxford

, Clarice is the topic of a book at Oxford. IMS Clarice Lispector, 2018. Disponível em: https://site.claricelispector.ims.com.br/en/2018/10/11/clarice-e-tema-de-livro-em-oxford/. Acesso em: 23 April 2024.

Academic studies on Clarice Lispector continue to be developed at foreign universities. In 2017, a wide-ranging seminar was held at St. Peter’s College, at the University of Oxford, in which several aspects of the life and work of the writer were addressed.

The seminar “After Clarice: Lispector’s Legacy” included professors, artists, and translators from different countries and disciplines, who discussed questions such as the author’s Jewish origin, identity, class, race, and gender, in addition to the publication policies and marketing of new editions and their impact on readers. 

Among the invited speakers, Paloma Vidal, from the University of São Paulo, presented the lecture “Learning Spanish with Clarice,” at the same table with Katrina Dodson, translator of the volume The Complete Stories. For his part, Carlos Mendes de Souza, a professor from the University of Moinho, discussed the relation of Clarice’s work to music.    

However, the talks were not restricted to the halls of the academy and will be collected into the book After Clarice: Reading Lispector’s Legacy in the Twenty-First Century, to be released in early 2019. This will be the beginning of a series of events that will happen in the centenary of Clarice’s birth, in 2020. As required by the traditional English university, the collaborators must turn in the studies by December 2018. The Moreira Salles Institute (IMS) will contribute with a text about the trajectory of the writer’s archive, which today is shared between this institution and the Rui Barbosa House Foundation.     

The conference and the publication were organized and edited by Adriana Jacobs and Claire Williams, who are both literature professors at the University of Oxford. The cover art was designed by Mariana Valente, Clarice’s granddaughter.     

Based on different angles and on a wide range of material – which besides literature includes journalism, interviews, and relations to music and to visual art –, the volume thus seeks to critically acknowledge the place occupied by the writer (the first Brazilian to have her books published in the Penguin collection of modern classics) in 20th century Western literature.